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Divine Love: Islamic Literature and the Path to God

by William Chittick

Yale University Press, 2013

Where does love come from and where will it lead us? Throughout the years various answers have been given to these questions. In Divine Love: Islamic Literature and the Path to God (Yale University Press, 2013), William Chittick, professor at Stony Brook University, responds to these queries from the perspective of the rich literary traditions of Islam. He reveals how some Muslims explained the origins, life, and goal of love through a detailed investigation of authors writing in Persian and Arabic mainly from the eleventh to twelfth centuries. For these authors, love is manifest through the relationship between God and creation in all of its various iterations.

9781780768885via Houman Sarshar (Director of publications at the Center for Iranian Jewish Oral History in Los Angeles, and consulting editor of Judeo-Persian Studies for the Encyclopaedia Iranica) through Sociology of Islam Listserv.