Moosa, Ebrahim. 2012, “Translating Neuroethics: Reflections from Muslim Ethics.” Science and Engineering Ethics no. 18 (2):1-10. doi: 10.1007/s11948-012-9392-5   


Muslim ethics is cautiously engaging developments in neuroscience. In their encounters with developments in neuroscience such as brain death and functional magnetic resonance imaging procedures, Muslim ethicists might be on the cusp of spirited debates. Science and religion perform different kinds of work and ought not to be conflated. Cultural translation is central to negotiating the complex life worlds of religious communities, Muslims included.  FULL ABSTRACT



Ebrahim Moosa is professor of religion at Duke University and a Carnegie Scholar. His research interests include classical and modern Islamic thought, Islamic law, history, ethics and theology, and madrasas (Islamic seminaries) in South Asia. Moosa’s blog is Dihliz: The Spaces In-Between. 

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