by TIRN on NOVEMBER 23, 2012

Northwestern University’s Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa (ISITA ), which co-sponsors the journal Islamic Africa and is a coordinate organization of the African Studies Association, is sponsoring a roundtable on “Reconceptualizing African Islam and the Global Community of Believers”  in conjunction with the upcoming of the African Studies Association that will take place in Philadelphia, PA from November 29-December 1, 2012.

The ISITA sponsored roundtable which will take place on Friday November 30, from 10:30am to 12:15pm will be chaired by Scott Reese of  Northern Arizona University and ISITA.  Participants  include Abdulkader Tayob of the University of Cape Town, Cheikh Babou of the University of Pennsylvania, Anne Bang of  the Chr. Michelsen Institute, and Ousman Kobo of Ohio State University.

” The roundtable seeks to begin a conversation about the area studies paradigm in the study of African Muslims, by highlighting their global connections to Muslims outside of Africa, and by problematizing the binary approaches of  ‘African Islam’ and ‘Islam in Africa.’

Rather than seeing ‘Islam in sub-Saharan Africa’ as a coherent entity standing apart from Islam in other regions, the participants on this roundtable will focus on how Muslims in different regions of Africa have (or have not) interacted across the regional and continental divides.

Through this roundtable the participants hope to spark a more general conversation among scholars regarding the future of the field and the shape of intellectual inquiry in an increasingly globalized world.”


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