Islam in Interwar Europe and European Cultural History  at Leiden University

In cooperation with the BMBF Research Group Europe from the Outside, which is part of the Institute for Oriental and Asian Studies at the University of Bonn, LUCIS organises an international conference entitled ‘Islam in Interwar Europe and European Cultural History’. The conference takes place in Leiden, from Thursday 13 until Saturday 15 December. Please find the program and information booklet here. If you would like to participate, please register:

The Muslim presence in Europe during the interwar and the Second World War period has been mostly dealt with as part of anti-colonial studies or briefly as related to European migration history. Such existing histories doubtlessly have their justification. Yet they tend to overlook the impact of both Muslim émigrés and nationalists on the socio-political context in Europe itself. Less attention has been given so far to the meaning of the intellectual, political and military contributions of these communities to European cultural history in the wake of the First World War. The time span 1918-1945 is carefully chosen because it was the very era, in which the destinies of the contemporary European and Muslim-majority societies were shaped. The focus on the strong interconnection between both regions can indeed emphasize their shared impartible history.

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