Geographies of Gender in the Arab Revolutions Workshop 

Duke University September 20-21, 2013

A workshop and edited volume addressing the spatial dimensions of gender and sexuality in the Arab Revolutions, organized by Frances S. Hasso (Duke University) and Zakia Salime (Rutgers University) and hosted by Duke Women’s Studies. Co-sponsors: Duke Islamic Studies Center/Carnegie Transcultural Islam Project, Dean of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, International Comparative Studies Program.

We are seeking original papers from any discipline or interdiscipline, informed by transnational feminist and critical geography scholarship and attentive to context and history, for an edited volume (“Geographies of Gender in the Arab Revolutions”) to be released in 2014. The deadline for a short paper proposal is March 31, 2013. The most promising papers will be part of a workshop hosted by Duke University September 20-21, 2013 and will be included in the edited volume.
All disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches are welcome, but must be informed by transnational feminist and critical geography scholarship. Paper foci may include but are not limited to: social movements; space (metaphorical or material) and the built environment; sexual and gender strategies, practices, identities, or discourses, with attention to masculinities and femininities encouraged; institutional dynamics (states, religious, transnational or international, family, media); and visuality, sound, aesthetics, or performance.Interested scholars should submit a 5-10 double-spaced paper, bibliographical references, and a 100 word biography. All of these documents should be submitted in English. The initial paper should include the author’s main argument, the research methods, and the primary sources analyzed.The authors of accepted initial papers will receive comments no later than April 30, 2013 and will be invited to submit a 20-25 page double-spaced penultimate draft  byJuly 15, 2013.Any questions or comments should be directed to Hasso and Salime: [email protected]

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