Greeting to all of our Visitors and Subscribers,

The Transcultural Islam Research Network (TIRN) will be following the academic calendar and thus reducing the frequency of our posts over the next few months.   We will post occasionally, but encourage all of you to check out our sister site ISLAMiCommentary over the summer months, and the web site’s Facebook page. Continue also to follow our @TIRNscholars Twitter feed.

3 thoughts on “Transcultural Islam Research Network (TIRN)’s Summer Schedule

  1. Dear organizers,
    I am Algerian scholar. Now I am in university of Victoria (Victoria - B.C. - Canada). as a visiting fellow in CSRS (Centre for Studies in Religion and Society). On the other hand, I am Currently preparing my PhD theses in Qur’anic Studies: “The verbal exchange between Noah and his people in the Qur’an”. I am interested in this Network for knowing some news (conferences, papers, etc.) in Qur’anic studies & Islamic Studies in general. And thank you in advance for this opportunity.
    All the best

    • Hello,

      Thank you for writing in and for following and supporting the site.

      Julie Poucher Harbin, Editor, TIRN


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