The Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, now in its sixth year, is a platform for interdisciplinary scholarly work that explores transformations in culture, communication, and politics in the Middle East and North Africa. The Journal aims to challenge the traditional paradigms used to understand media and the Middle East, seeing “communication” as extending beyond the study of media in the traditional sense.

MEJCC welcomes contributions from international scholars engaged with the Middle East within various academic disciplines and using diverse approaches, whether as articles or reviews of films, books (including novels), and exhibitions.

MEJCC is seeking papers critically addressing (though not exclusive to) the following:

- the old and new media in all their forms (the broadcast media, the print media, electronic media, and film), whether in or about the Middle East

- processes of communication in geographical space in the Middle East (including street art, posters and architecture)

- popular culture in the Middle East

- the relationship between the media and communication practices and political and social processes in the region

- the cultural practices through which power is expressed and politics is performed.

MEJCC is published by Brill three times a year ( We publish open issues and themed issues. Our latest themed issue this year was on youth cultures in North Africa. The forthcoming one (in the fall) will be about the performance of space in Palestine.

Contributions are accepted on a rolling basis and should be original work which has neither been simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere nor published previously (unless it’s a translation of work published in another language). Manuscripts should be submitted through Editorial Manager, which can be accessed via:

Informal queries can be addressed to the current managing editor Lina Khatib:


Lina Khatib, Stanford University

Tarik Sabry, University of Westminster

Dina Matar, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Gholam Khiabany, University of Sussex


Reviews Editor: Sune Haugbolle, University of Roskilde

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