I would like to announce the publication of the Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies under the direction of a new editorial team that consists of miriam cooke, Frances Hasso, and I and now published by Duke University Press: In addition to peer reviewed research articles and book reviews, the new issue features review essays (in “Review” section) and showcases activists’ and artists’ works and scholarly interventions (in “Thirdspace” section).

There are currently two Call for Papers: for a themed section on “The Gender and Sexuality of Militarization, War, and Violence” (deadline June 15) and for ‘Thirdspace’ section on “Languages and Gender and Sexuality” (deadline July 15). You can see more information about these CFPs below and on the journal’s website:

I and my coeditors would like to invite contributions for all sections of this journal. Please consider submitting and spread the word about this journal.

June 15 Deadline Call for Papers: The Gender and Sexuality of Militarization, War, and Violence

The Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies invites feminist scholars working in any discipline or interdisciplinary area in the interpretive social sciences and humanities to submit area-specific manuscripts on any topic related to the gender and sexuality of militarization, war, and violence for a themed issue. Manuscripts may address any historical period related to any part of the region. Manuscripts are expected to substantiate a thesis based on original scholarship grounded in primary sources (literary, visual, archival, textual, ethnographic, artistic, legal, and so on) and to engage with relevant transnational gender and sexuality scholarship.

Submission guidelines may be found at Manuscripts are due on June 15, 2015 to our online submission system: Questions may be directed to

July 15 Deadline: “Languages of Gender and Sexuality” Submissions for Vol. 12:1

There has been much debate about the words gender and sexuality in women’s, gender, sexuality, masculinity, and feminist studies. An entirely new level of debate is added when one considers the implications for non-English languages and non-Western sociopolitical contexts. JMEWS invites analytic interventions (preferably in English) of 500 to 1,000 words on this question from activists and academics focusing on any part of the Middle East. Authors are invited to consider any of the following questions or to address different ones: How are gender and sexuality being used, if at all, in your context or research focus? How have the words been translated, and what kinds of controversies have these translations produced? What are the debates surrounding words like women, homosexuality, transsexuality, masculine/feminine, female/male? What other terms and words are being used in your context/focus and for what purpose? How are boys and men discussed or not discussed?

JMEWS will publish the strongest submissions in volume 12 (2016) in the section “Third Space.” Submissions for issue 12:1 are due on July 15, 2015; for issue 12:2, on November 15, 2015; and for issue 12:3, on January 15, 2016. Please direct submissions and questions to

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