Between 2005 and 2009, the Carnegie Corporation of New York’s Carnegie Scholars Program provided funding to more than 100 scholars and whose research focused on one specific area of vital importance: Islam. The goal was to expand the range of scholarship in order to promote knowledge and understanding about Islam as a religion and about the cultures and communities of Muslim societies both in the United States and abroad.

Our Transcultural Islam Project is an extension in the Carnegie Corporation’s commitment to the dissemination of knowledge about Islam and Muslims.

Here’s a list of those scholars, links to their biographies, and titles of their associated projects:

Abou El Fadl, Khaled M.

“Reconstituting Jihad: From Making War to Constructing Peace”

Abu-Lughod, Lila

“Do Muslim Women Have Rights? The Ethics and Politics of Muslim Women’s Rights in an International Field”

Asma Afsaruddin

“Striving in the Path of God: Discursive Traditions on Jihad and the Cult of Martyrdom”

Agrama, Hussein

“Power and Islamic Authority: A Comparative Ethnography of the Fatwa”

Aidi, Hisham

“Identity, Inclusion and Muslim Youth”

Amanat, Abbas

“Defying Islamic Conformity: Skeptics, Heretics and Rebelling Dervishes”

An-na’im, Abdullahi Ahmed

“Enhancing Citizenship: American Muslims and American Secularism”

Arjomand, Said

“Islam and Constitutional Reconstruction in the Middle East: A Historical and Comparative Perspective”

Baker, Raymond W.

“The Contemporary Islamic Wassatteyya (Mainstream): Understanding the Resilience and Appeal of Islam in a Global Age”

Baron, Beth

“In Their Own Image: Americans and Middle Eastern Muslim Women”

Bellin, Eva

“Arbitrating Identity: High Courts and the Politics of Islamic-Liberal Reconciliation in the Muslim World”

Benite, Zvi Ben-Dor

“Islam and the Emergence of Modern China”

Bigelow, Anna

“Ground: Strategies of Sharing Islamic Sacred Space”

Bowen, John R.

“Shaping French Islam”

Brand, Laurie

“Islam v. Nationalism in Arab Post-Independence Narratives”

Brown, Nathan Jude

“Islamist Movements in Arab Politics”

Bulliet, Richard

“Islam and Military Rule”

Chandra, Kanchan

“Islam and Democracy: The Effect of Institutions”

Colton, Nora

“The Migration of Islamist Militancy to Urban Poverty Belts in the Middle East”

Crews, Robert

“Muslims without Borders: Empires, States and Transborder Communities from the Caucasus to the Hindu Kush”

Curtis IV, Edward E.

“The Transnational History of African American Islam”

Dallal, Ahmad

“Islam, Science and the Challenge of History”

Davis, Eric

“Islam and the Formation of Political Identities in Post-Ba’thist Iraq: Implications for a Democratic Transition”

DeWeese, Devin

“Historical and Critical Perspectives on Islam in Central Asia”

Edwards, Brian T.

“After the American Century: Globalization and the Circulation of ‘American Civilization’ in North Africa and the Middle East”

Eickelman, Dale

“Mainstreaming Islam: Taking Charge of the Faith”

El-Ghobashy, Mona

“Petition and Protest in Authoritarian Egypt”

Elshakry, Marwa

“Science and Secularism in the Arab World after Darwin”

Fancy, Hussein Anwar

“Medieval Violence and Modern Tolerance”

Fawaz, Leila

“The Experience of War: Muslims in the Middle East and South Asia, 1914-1920”

Feldman, Noah R.

“Constitutional Change in the Islamic World”

Fischer, Michael M.J.

“Emergent Forms of Life, Deep Play, and Ethical Plateaus in the Social and Technoscientific Infrastrctures Shaping Muslim Democratic Futures”

Flood, Finbarr Barry

“The Trouble with Images: “Cartoon Wars” in Context”

Gasper, Michael

“Re-Thinking Secularism and Sectarianism in the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990)”

Gerges, Fawaz A.

“The Intra-Jihadist War”

GhaneaBassiri, Kambiz

“A History of Islam in America since the Colonial Period”

Ghazvinian, John (* independent scholar, web site unknown)

“Children of the Revolution: Iran and America from the Mayflower to the Mullahs”

Goldberg, Ellis

“Sovereignty, Community and Citizenship in Contemporary Arab Political Thought”

Griffel, Fran

“The Continuation of the Arabic Philosophical Tradition Within Muslim Theology”

Haddad. Yvonne Yazbeck

“Sayyid Qutb: From Village Boy to Islamist Martyr”

Hashmi, Sohail H.

“Islamic International Law and Public International Law: Convergence or Dissonance?”

Haykel, Bernard

“Saudi Arabia and the Global Salafi Movement”

Hefner, Robert W.

“Islamic Education and Democratization in Indonesia”

Heschel, Susannah

“Monotheistic Triangle: Judaism and Islam in the Modern Christian World”

Hirschkind, Charles

“The “Moorish Problem” and the Politics of Multiculturalism in Spain”

Ho, Engseng

“Empires through Diasporic Eyes: The U.S., Militant Islamism, Indian Ocean Precedents”

Hoffman, Valerie

“Islamic Sectarianism Reconsidered: Ibadi Islam in the Modern Age”

Huq, Aziz

“Counter-Terrorism, Speech Regulation and Muslim Minorities in the West”

Jalal, Ayesha

“Partisans of Allah: Meanings of Jihad in South Asia”

Jamal, Amaney A.

“Citizenship, Political Agency and Democracy in the Arab World: The Mediating Effects of Islam”

Katz, Marion Holmes

“Contesting the Mosque: Debates over Muslim Women’s Ritual Access”

Khalid, Adeeb

“Understanding Soviet Islam: The Roots of Contemporary Central Asia”

Khwaja, Asim Ijaz, Additional page

“The Hajj: Islam’s Global Gathering”

Klausen, Jytte

“European Muslims and the Secularization of Islam”

Larémont, Ricardo René

“Islamic Law and Politics in Nigeria, 1804-2007”

Lawrence, Bruce B

“Christian and Muslim Minorities as Secular Citizens in Africa and Asia”

Lombardi, Clark B

“Muslim Judges as a New Voice in Islamic Discourse”

Lowi, Miriam R

“Islam and Oil: The Economy of Meaning”

Mahmood, Saba, Politics of Religious Freedom Project (2011-2014)

“Defining the Secular in the Modern Middle East”

Makdisi, Ussama

“A Mutual Concern: A History of U.S. – Arab Relations”

Masoud, Tarek

“Islamist Parties and Elections in the Middle East”

Medani, Khalid M.

“Joining Jihad: A Comparative Political Economy of Islamist Militancy and Recruitment”

Milani, Farzaneh

“Re-Mapping the Cultural Geography of Iran: Islam, Woman and Mobility”

Mirsepassi, Ali

“Western Influence on Political Islam”

Moeller, Susan D.

“Islam: How Media Cover Muslims & Terrorism - and Why That Matters”

Moosa, Ebrahim E.I.

“Inside Madrasas: The ‘Ulama Search for Authenticity”

Moustafa, Tamir

“Islamic Law and Legal Contention in Egypt, Pakistan and Malaysia”

Nakash, Yitzhak  (biographical link and institutional affiliation unknown)

“Governance and Leadership in Modern Islam”

Nasr, Vali R.

“Gauging the Prospects for the Rise of “Muslim Democratic” Political Parties and Platforms in Muslim Democracies”

Powers, David S.

“Wifely (Dis)obedience in Muslim Societies”

Quraishi, Asifa

“Lost in Non-translation: What’s Missing When We Say Shari’a”

Qutbuddin, Tahera

“Arabic Oratory: The Politics and Rhetoric of Public Address in the Islamic World”

Rabb, Intisar

“Islamic Law and Legal Change: The Internal Critique”

Rascoff, Samuel

“Understanding How the U.S. Government Understands Islam”

Read, Jen’nan Ghazal

“Multiple Identities and Muslim American Political Incorporation”

Reid, Megan

“Punishment and Appropriate Justice in Islamic Societies”

Reza, Sadiq

“Due Process in Islamic Criminal Law”

Rizvi, Kishwar

“Ideology and Architecture: Transnational Mosques in the Middle East”

Rosen, Lawrence

“Everyday Muslim Thought and Its Encounters”

Sachedina, Abdulaziz

“Islam and Human Rights: A Clash of Universalisms”

Safi, Omid

“Reforming Islam in the “Axis of Evil”: Contesting Islam in Post-Revolutionary Iran”

Saliba, George

“The Encounter between Modern European Science and Islamic Societies”

Shalakany, Amr A.

“The Redefinition of Shari’a in Modern Egyptian Legal Thought: 1798-Present”

Sharkey, Heather J.

“Christian Evangelism and Western Imperialism in the Modern Middle East: The Long-Term Consequences of American Missionary Encounters with Muslims”

Shehabuddin, Elora

“Women at the Muslim Center: Islamist Ideals and Democratic Exigencies”

Shehata, Samer

“Islamist Electoral and Parliamentary Participation: Egypt, Morocco and Kuwait”

Silverstein, Paul A.

“The Ethnic Politics of Muslim Secularism: North Africa at the Crossroads”

Sinno, Abdulkader

“Muslims in Western Parliaments”

Spellberg, Denise

“Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an: Islam and the Founders”

Stilt, Kristen A.

“Islam is the Religion of My State”: A Study of the Competing Interpretations of a Widespread Constitutional Provision in the Muslim World”

Sunder, Madhavi

“The New Enlightenment: How Muslim Women are Bringing Religion and Culture Out of the Dark Ages”

Tahir-Kheli, Shirin (latest bio available)

“Foreign Policy in an Age of Madness: America and the Muslim World after 9/11”

Tessler, Mark

“Popular Conceptions and Preferences Relating to the Place of Islam in Political Life: Insights from Cross-National and Longitudinal Survey Research in the Arab World”

Thompson, Elizabeth F.

“Seeking Justice in the Modern Middle East”

Toft, Monica Duffy

“Religion, Islam and Civil Wars”

Umar, Muhammad Sani

“Pragmatism and Pluralism in the Traditional Islamic Thought of al-Shaykh Ibrahim Saleh of Nigeria”

Varshney, Ashutosh

“Ethnocommunal Conflict, Civil Society and the State”

Villalón, Leonardo A.

“Negotiating Democracy in Muslim Contexts: Political Liberalization and Religious Mobilization in the West African Sahel”

Warde, Ibrahim A.

“Financial Practices and Networks in Islamic Countries: Implications for the Financial War on Terror”

Zaman, Muhammad Qasim

“Internal Criticism and Religious Authority in Modern Islam”

Zeghal, Malika

“Sacred Politics: The Contemporary Arab State, Secularity and Islam”