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We are delighted to announce the founding of the peer-reviewed, academic journal, the Sociology of Islam (SOI) to be published by Brill which will include four issues per year beginning in the Spring of 2013. Since Max Weber’s groundbreaking research on the sociology of religion, sociologists have grappled with aspects of religion both at the theoretical and empirical levels. While an increasing number of social scientists, particularly in recent decades, have employed innovative sociological frameworks for the study of Islam and Muslim Societies, this promising sub-discipline has so far lacked its own academic journal. The Sociology of Islam is intended to bridge this gap by functioning as an academic forum for the publication of innovative contributions to the study of Islam and Muslim societies. We welcome article contributions that address theoretical and empirical dimensions of the sociology of Islam and Muslim societies.

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Call for Papers

Arabic Literature: Migration, Diaspora, Exile, Estrangement
Columbia University ,New York City
November 1-3, 2013

Arabic literature’s relationship with questions of migration, diaspora and exile date from early Islamic engagements with hijrah or migration, to our own diasporic and exilic present, conveyed in the poetry and prose of migration, war, alienation, estrangement and displacement.

We invite you to consider how Arab experiences of migration, diaspora, exile and estrangement mark and form Arabic literature, with an eye not only to the thematic terms of this encounter, but also its manifestations in debates over genre, publication geography, and literary historiography.  Scholars working in all periods of Arabic literary and theoretical production are warmly invited to submit abstracts.  Continue reading

Call for Papers

Doing citizenship:
Practices of exclusion, demands of inclusion and new subjectivities in the Middle East and Europe
University of Pavia, Italy
September 17-19, 2013

Recent Middle East revolutions have placed the issue of citizenship at the centre of political reflection. Political conflicts, the debate on the new constitutions and cultural disputes seem to entail different ways of conceiving citizenship, civil and political rights, ideals and practices of belonging, other than implying different levels of recognition: sub-national, national and supranational. What are the principles of inclusion and exclusion of the “new” imagined communities? What are the symbolic boundaries between full citizens (enjoying full rights) and the rest of the people living in the same territory? How is the participation of citizens in political choices of the community organized? Continue reading