Calls for Papers

There are still opportunities to join panels at the upcoming Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Conference taking place October 10-13, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The details for the following calls are provided below:

  • Religious Authorities and Political Transitions in the Middle East
  • Sufi Vocabularies and the Experience of the Political: Islamic Movements, Life and Forms of Social Participation in the contemporary Muslim world
  • Agents of Contestation in MENA: Emergent Dynamics of Interaction Between the State, Society and Religion
  • Muslim women in change: Aspirations, Desire and Leisure
  • Imagined Cartographies and Transformations of Urban Space in the Ottoman Empire
  • Missionaries and Du’at in Transnational Perspective: Cross-Border Exchange, Locally Embedded Struggles and Cultural Transformation Since the Nineteenth Century

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Call for Papers

Graduate Workshop in Ottoman Studies at the University of Oxford, May 11th, 2013
Rethinking the Long 19th Century in the Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Studies Group at Oxford (OSGO), in cooperation with Ertegun House and the Middle East Center (MEC) at St. Antony’s College, is organizing a one-day graduate workshop in Ottoman Studies at the University of Oxford on May 11th, 2013. This one-day workshop aims to provide a forum for graduate students who focus on the Ottoman Empire from the late 18th to the early 20th century to present their research, exchange ideas and develop scholarly networks. Keynote speaker Professor Benjamin Fortna will open the workings of this workshop. Continue reading