Black Church & Black Mosque
An interfaith conversation on faith and race

March 4th, 2013 at 7pm
Goodson Chapel, Duke Divinity School

Join the Duke Faith Council, Center for Muslim Life and Department of Religion in a conversation on race and Muslim-Christian relations with invited guests William Turner, Sherman Jackson and Lawrence Mamiya.  This event honors the work of C. Eric Lincoln, Methodist minister, civil rights activist and professor of religion and culture at Duke University in the 1970s and 80s and author of the seminal book “Black Muslims in America.”



Juhood: Journal of Middle Eastern and North African Affairs

Juhood is now accepting submissions for its Spring 2013 issue. The journal features academic papers written on a number of disciplines and are not limited to the Islamo-Christian tradition or a discourse on Arabs. Issues of popular culture, arts, human rights, and Mizrahim presence are just a few potential topics. The journal also features photo essays on these topics.  Deadline is February 28th.

Also, this year Juhood is also accepting cover submissions. Submit any high quality photo with relevance to the topics of Juhood. The deadline for cover submissions is March 15th. Continue reading


We know very little about Afghan Jews in the Middle Ages. Those interested in learning about this topic can turn to Benzion D. Yehoshua-Raz’s book, “From the Lost Tribes in Afghanistan to the Mashhad Jewish Converts of Iran”, and discover there that Jews in the Razavi Khorasan Province, the land that today is situated between Iran and Afghanistan, are mentioned in the Arabic literature of the Middle Ages and in period interpretations of the Bible.

Khorasan is mentioned in Middle Age rabbinical and biblical writings as the home of the ten tribes and in Rabbi Sa’adia Gaon’s interpretations the name is mentioned in connection with the Assyrian exile. 
Benzion Yehoshua cites these details as well as archeological evidence to the connection between Khorasan Jews and Babylonian Jews. Continue reading

Via QSCIENCE.COM, on JAN 5, 2013

Religions/Adyân is an annual and bi-lingual (English and Arabic) publication in interfaith studies published   by the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue with an emphasis on interreligious dialogue and the relations between Islam and other faiths.

In a world of religious misunderstandings, violence, and hijacking of religious faiths by political ideologies, Religions/Adyan intends to provide a welcome space of encounter and reflection upon the commonalities and shared goals of the great religions of the world. The title of the journal suggests religious diversity while suggesting the need to explore this diversity in order to develop keys to both a deepening of one’s own faith and a meaningful opening to other creeds.

As a refereed international publication published the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue, Religions/Adyân finds its inspiration in the universal message of monotheism broadly understood, while engaging the various religious faiths that share common principles and values within this broadly defined context. Continue reading