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Call for Papers

Traditional Authority and Transnational Religious Networks in Contemporary Shi‘i Islam:
Results from recent empirical research

Workshop of the Princeton/Oxford collaborative project
Princeton University, October 3–5, 2013.
Conveners: Morgan Clarke (Oxford) and Mirjam Künkler (Princeton)

De-Centering Shi‘ism?

Religious authority in Usuli Twelver Shi‘i Islam is generally seen as concentrated in the hands of the “sources of emulation,” the maraji‘ (sing. marja‘) al-taqlid, and as paradigmatically based in the established centers of Shi‘i learning of Najaf (Iraq) and Qom (Iran), from where it is projected out to the “peripheries”. Shi‘i Islam thus often appears in academic discourse as relatively monolithic, whereas the diverse, disparate, even fragmented nature of Sunni Islam would seem to be more widely documented.This workshop, sponsored by the Princeton/Oxford collaborative grant “Traditional authority and transnational religious networks in contemporary Shi‘i Islam: Results from recent empirical research,” seeks to question such a monolithic account and ask whether we need to de-center our picture of Shi‘i Islam. Continue reading

Call for Applications

“Varieties of Democracy”
2013 American Political Science Association
American University of Cairo
September 8-21, 2013

The American Political Science Association (APSA) and the American University in Cairo (AUC) are pleased to announce a call for applications from individuals who would like to participate in a workshop on “Varieties of Democracy”. The two-week workshop will be held on September 8-21, 2013 at AUC. The organizers, with a grant secured from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, will cover all the costs of participation (including travel, lodging, meals, and materials) for the accepted applicants. The working language of the workshop is English.
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