Scholars may join or form Transcultural Islam Research Network (TIRN) virtual thematic working groups via this portal — the Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Advanced Collaborative (HASTAC).

TIRN groups, like other groups on HASTAC, offer a space where you can network, organize, plan and report on your work with the help of a suite of tools, including a group calendar, forums, wikis and access to group-only communications. Groups can also act as a showcase, a place where you can highlight your work or projects and get feedback from your Group or from the entire HASTAC membership (Groups can be private and limited to group membership or public and viewable by everyone).

You must open a free HASTAC account to be able to form new groups. You may freely  join open groups, and may join closed groups by writing group moderators.

Be sure to include the tag TIRN in your group listing.