What to Do When Overwhelmed with Homework: Managing Stress

Getting overwhelmed with homework is common among students. Many students see homework as a humongous task. A lot of students have come to associate homework with unending stress. However, homework doesn’t have to be tiring or dreadful. Teachers and students alike always think of how to make homework less stressful. This article intends to shed light on how this can be achieved.

Can homework cause anxiety?

Simple answer, yes.

Students can develop homework anxiety when they find out they have so much to do with little time. This is even more likely when this happens consistently. That is, students who are always behind schedule with homework or school projects are more likely to develop anxiety.

This can even be further aggravated by the usual school stress that students face.

Sometimes, the issue is that the materials for the homework are not readily available. This could make students start stressing over homework.

How to deal with homework overload

Having a lot of homework to do does not always have to cause anxiety. With proper planning and the right approach, that homework can be surmounted in little to no time. Here are some effective tips that can help you avoid getting stressed about homework:

  • Manage your time

Using your time properly is one way of dealing with homework overload. Allocate time-based on what the homework requires. More time should be given to complex homework, and you should leave enough time to cover all grounds and go over your work after it is done.

You don’t have to wait until the last minute before you begin to do your work. You could do this by having a calendar, alarm, or anything that could help you allocate your time properly.

  • Take notes and ask questions

One of the reasons students get anxious when dealing with homework is that they do not understand the homework. While teaching, teachers, and lecturers often reveal important information, and it’d be wise of you and beneficial if you got this information. As a student, having a jotter close by during lessons is something you should take seriously.

That little information you think is unimportant could be your saving grace for that homework. If you do not pay attention, you will lose out. If this does not work, feel free to ask colleagues and teachers for clarification.

  • Revise regularly

As a good student, going through your work regularly will help you gain a better understanding and mastery. Therefore, you must take a few minutes every day to go through your notes for the day. It is never a good idea to leave reading until exam time.

Students who read regularly have a better grasp of the subject matter. They are also more likely to achieve success with their homework than those who delay. Refrain from piling notes, as it might become more difficult for you to process all the information quickly.

  • Eat healthily

Eating habits have a lot to do with brain function. Not eating healthy will make it more difficult for your brain to process information. Those who eat well and are healthy usually have better brain function than those who do not. While doing that homework, have a healthy snack that you can munch on. This can help you manage stress. But most importantly, develop and maintain a healthy diet.

  • Rest

As much as you want to maximise your time, working for a long time without rest is not good for you. You will not be able to achieve much if your brain is befuddled due to stress and lack of rest. Therefore, take deep breaths every now and then.

Take short breaks at intervals so that your brain can be relaxed. Make sure you sleep well at night. This will help you wake up fresh and relaxed enough to complete the day’s tasks.


If you have been wondering how to stop stressing about school, the secret is always being in control. Keep your work from lingering and quit procrastinating. If you procrastinate till the last minute, you may find that you have a lot on your hands.

When you realise this, you will become stressed and overwhelmed. However, you can sail through if you do the right thing at the right time. Even if it is not all roses, you will at least have fewer thorns.