In 2012 we launched a Transcultural Islam Project to deepen understanding of and inform public discourse and policy about Islam and Muslim communities — from a variety of perspectives. It also furthers Islamic studies (broadly defined) scholarship and research through individual and institutional partnerships between these founding partners, their faculty, and other scholars and partners across the globe.

This multi-year initiative is managed out of the Duke Islamic Studies Center in partnership with the Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations (UNC-Chapel Hill), and supported by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York.

This site houses one component of the Transcultural Islam Project — the Transcultural Islam Project’s Transcultural Islam Research Network (TIRN) — which connects international scholars of Islamic studies (broadly defined) who are interested in exchanging research findings with each other and sharing their research with the public as well. Click here to view the TIRN site.

To further TIRN’s goals, we have established a secure platform where scholars may form working groups, blog, hold public and private conversations, and share research findings with each other. You can find instructions on how to access this platform at the TIRN Groups page.

We recently launched a Database of Scholars and Experts on Islam and Muslim communities. Interested scholars and experts can enter their own information into this database and to search it for others who share their interests. The database is accessible to the public. The primary purpose of this database is to provide a way to locate university- based scholars and researchers. We recognize that not all experts have university affiliations, and therefore we do consider applications from experts outside the academy. Search the site by area of expertise or name or keyword, and/or create your own entry.

In addition to these tools for community interaction, the web site provides some basic resources that include a list of Carnegie Scholars (2005-2009) whose focus was Islam, and links to other scholar databases, as well as links to academic Resources, Associations and Surveys.

The News & Publications page features short descriptions and links to current scholarship as well as calls for papers, conference announcements, other scholarly news, book reviews and summaries, and scholarly research & analysis. If you have items of this nature that you would like to add to this page please contact the editor.

You will find a subscribe button on the home page where you can sign up to receive emailed updates from TIRN when new content is posted. Follow TIRN on Twitter at @TirnScholars.


ISLAMiCommentary, another component of the initiative, is a public scholarship forum that engages scholars, journalists, policymakers, advocates and artists in their fields of expertise. ISLAMiCommentary publishes original content under the i-Comment umbrella, and also aggregates and promotes content from other sources. Find the subscribe button on the home page to receive e-mailed updates from  ISLAMiCommentary when new content is posted. You can also follow ISLAMiCommentary on Twitter @ISLAMiComment , Facebook, and Google Plus.


The Transcultural Islam Project is funded by a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The statements made and views expressed are solely the responsibility of the author (s). 


Transcultural Islam Project Staff

Julie Poucher Harbin,  Project Manager & Communications Specialist for theTranscultural Islam Project; Editor and Writer (ISLAMiCommentary and TIRN)

Omid Safi, Duke Islamic Studies Center Director and PI,  Transcultural Islam Project